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A guilt-ridden young wife and mother struggles to keep a long-ago sexual assault and pregnancy a secret from her ambitious husband.


"A gripping, heart-wrenching story of a woman walking the tightrope

between the traditional values she was raised with and a marriage that

threatens to destroy her."

—Kristyn Kusek Lewis

Author of Perfect Happiness and Half of What You Hear


Jeanie thinks she was to blame for the sexual assault she suffered in college—and she'll do anything to keep her old-school Catholic family from finding out about the resulting pregnancy, as well as what she did to conceal it.


Years have passed since the assault, and Jeanie's husband, Greg, still thinks she's the seemingly innocent girl he married in a rush to spite his controlling mother. It's the height of the Seattle dot-com boom, and he's too busy cashing in his stock options to pay attention to his wife. He isn't aware of Jeanie's lingering shame and guilt, or that she married him in the desperate hope that devoting herself to marriage and motherhood would somehow absolve her from the sins of her past.


Their hidden agendas collide when Greg discovers evidence of Jeanie's long-ago pregnancy. As she confesses the details of that drunken night with her married professor, Greg's pristine image of her is blown and his shock quickly deepens into violent fury. Jeanie realizes she needs to leave him—but Greg won't let her go. He's up for a big promotion, and he's not about to let her ruin his reputation by walking out on him. He'll resort to blackmail if necessary.

Or worse.


"A poignant novel about a woman's struggle to regain her power. Secrets and hidden agendas begin to unravel the already fraying marriage between a narcissistic husband and an eager-to-please wife. This book will keep you turning the page. In the end, Absolution teaches us survival, resolution, and hope."


 —Sondra Helene, Author of Appearances